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Kingdom of Nyrond

Flocktime – 6 moths after the end of Greyhawk wars – 586 CY

Poverty! This is the word that identify the Kingdom of Nyrond. Misery and poverty can be seen everywhere in this land devastated by wars past. Potholed roads, deformed skeletons of abandoned buildings, ruins that once were palaces and castles, the misery of a suffering people punished by the harsh reality of consecutive battles.

Slowly, the people ruled by the King Lynwerd I, Nyrond heal their wounds. The plague was controlled in the major provinces. The recovering economy struggles and leaves openings for corruption and intrigues that are sealed in the darkness of the Royalist salons in the dead of night or in the shadows of the sunlight.


This is where the adventures of Stephen the Ranger and his companions begin.

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