Combat Companion

The Crown of Fire

Ready┬┤reat, 20 de 586 CY

Agairon sends one of his messengers to Rel Mord asking for troops to the towns of Woodwych and Batoo arguing that citizens are at risk. Magical activities are the reason of his concern. With the information collected by his scouts he initiated further research on other plans and what to expect from them.

The enemy is not yet known, but is known that he has much knowledge of the ancient arts of magic and knows how to use it. Portals to the elemental planes are, in principle, responsible for the agitation of nature nearby.

The lights turned to the south while the hunt for the Crown of Fire expands to the north. Yan and Stephen head for the region of Flinty Hills in search for the item with the intention of getting enough power to close a known portal of fire around Gnatmarsh region south of the Celadon Forest.

Alyel investigates the regions northwest of Nyrond to identify new portals. No reports of success reached the ears of Agairon.

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