Combat Companion

A Mysterious Call


Patchwall, 28, 586 CY

A brief stillness settles in the region of Woodwych. The days pass and the expectations of a fruitful future elevate the spirit of those who wish to progress. With the taxes lowered, dozens of homes begin to be rebuilt. The need for timber has raised and the forest located near the borders of the larger cities turned to be the target of the greedy farmers that, while waiting the time of planting, changed their activity.

After some months the taxes start to rise. Escaping from the bigger cities the poor travel to the forest borders and begin the construction of several outpost. Small traders of ordinary items form the core of these outposts. Taverns provide extra motivation for those who need support. The need for timber is higher than ever, and these new outposts provide de ideal opportunity to make money and escape from the taxes. Read More

AgarionĀ“s tests ruinsAgairon, the researcher sent his faithful messenger to the outposts using his fortune to form a select group of scouts. The messenger carried some mysterious sheet that contained a brief explanation, a poem and the location of an ancient ruin. When setting the sheets on the bulletin boards of the taverns scattered throughout the region, without any explanation, the girl just vanished in the shadows.

The murmur swept over the halls and some shouted words of bravery. This would be the perfect opportunity to change their life. They were wrong.

On the next day a small group of people cured their hangover while walking towards the ruins.

Your adventure begins here…

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